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"I’m here and I’ll stay, okay?" [x]

"I’m here and I’ll stay, okay?" [x]

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Chris Pratt for Entertainment Weekly (USA - July 2014)

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don’t leak nudes

leak the avengers: age of ultron trailer

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#this moment is so so so so important #two minutes earlier they were in a serious accident that knocked felicity unconscious #an accident that could’ve killed her #and when oliver notices that felicity isn’t awake #he asks digg if she’s still breathing #and what he meant was is she still alive #he could’ve trusted digg’s word that she was breathing and that she was alive #but no #oliver had to carry her himself #with a very badly injured knee #and digg doesn’t even question oliver’s actions when he hands him his bow and picks felicity up #because digg knew that for oliver’s own sanity he had to feel her heart beating and feel her breath against his neck to make sure she was actually alive #because oliver couldn’t/can’t imagine a world where felicity smoak isn’t breathing

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New pictures of Dylan on seasons 3B and 4 set

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Her Minajesty

Nicki Minaj by Jeff Bark

Styled by Robbie Spencer


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